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Universal Credit report published

Social security legislation can often be complicated. Even to those familiar with regulations, the volume of complex and inter-related detail involved in benefit law can be challenging.

This was particularly true of the Universal Credit (and related) draft regulations which the Committee was invited to scrutinise over the summer months. I was, therefore, delighted that so many of our stakeholders – almost 400 – took the time to respond to our consultation on the regulations. The experience and expertise of a diverse group of individuals and organisations ensured that the Committee was able to produce a report that represents a wide range of perspectives.

In line with the normal conventions, the Government is today publishing the report which the Committee presented to Ministers in August alongside its own response to that, and to our review of research evidence relating to sanctions within the UK benefits system which was submitted at the same time

The Government has now laid the resulting revised regulations before Parliament.

We have also received a letter setting out the Government’s response to a number of more detailed and technical observations made during the scrutiny process and which were submitted separately to DWP officials

I am delighted that the vast majority of our recommendations and observations, which were shaped by the evidence provided by our stakeholders, have been accepted by the Government.

In closing, my thanks go to those of you who contributed to our consultation, and also to DWP’s officials who have been supportive and collaborative throughout this process.

Paul Gray
10 December 2012